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The FACSE Forward project aims to support Family and Consumer Science educators through the act of sharing and connecting teachers – in this regard we aim to serve as leaders in the FACS community, by promoting professional development and spreading the word about FACSE!  

Because our tutorials can be viewed worldwide we strive to act as leaders and ambassadors for Family and Consumer Science Education

On this site you will find content tabs for the most frequently taught FACSE classes. Beneath each content tab you will find a drop down list of topics frequently taught in FACSE classes.  Each topic is linked to FACSE national standards and contains a list of student outcomes.   Additionally you will find a brief introduction to each unit and links to video tutorials, worksheets and supplemental materials.  In addition, we have included a content tab titled, “FACSE Today”, under this tab you will find blogs on current issues surrounding Family and Consumer Science education.

It is our hope that this site serves to empower FACS Educators by creating curriculum that is relevant and easy to access.