TOPIC: Recycled Textiles/FCCLA Recycle Redesign

AUDIENCE:  Textiles

TITLE:  Introduction to recycled textiles


This unit is an introduction to FCCLA Star Events – Recycle and Redesign.  Upon completion, students will be eligible to compete at FCCLA STAR events  – should they choose to pursue their projects further.

This unit is focused on introducing the assignment and familiarizing students with specific requirements.  Time will be spent selecting topics, viewing examples via YouTube, goal setting, introducing and prepping students for their Recycle and Redesign project.


Students will work as individuals, to create, execute and present a Recycled or Redesigned project.  STAR event rubrics will be used as assessments for this assignment.

It is suggested that this assignment be given during the beginning of the semester of and would be due near the end of the semester as a final class project.  Class time will be allotted each week for students to work on their projects and students will have weekly “teacher check-in’s”.  Students will be given weekly “check-in” sheets where they will need to list their weekly progress, their successes and any challenges of the week.


Students will create, execute and present a Recycle and Redesign project

Students will use the FCCLA STAR events planning process and Recycle and Redesign rubric as their project guidelines

Students will be prepared to present their projects at STAR events if they so choose


16.3.5 Generate design that takes into consideration ecological, environmental, sociological, psychological, technical, and economic trends and issues.
16.3.6 Apply elements and principles of design to assist consumers and businesses in making decisions.
16.4.1 Demonstrate professional skills in using a variety of equipment, tools, and supplies for fashion, apparel, and textile construction, alteration, and repair.
16.4.4 Analyze current technology and trends that facilitate design and production of textile, apparel, and fashion products.
16.5.3 Analyze ethical considerations for merchandising apparel and textile products.

Recycle/Redesign Entry Tasks

Website Scavenger Hunt

Recycle/Redesign Weekly Check-in

Documentary – The True Cost, can be found on Netflix

“The True Cost” worksheet

FCCLA Recycle/Redesign Rubric event info

YouTube clips of Recycle and Redesign presentations

FCCLA STAR Events Demonstration Recycle and Redesign Senior (Doland)

FCCLA STAR Events Demonstation Recycle and Redesign Senior (Grant County)

Recycle Redesign dress project .mov (interview)


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