TOPIC:  Introduction to Budgeting/Personal finance/Saving strategies

AUDIENCE:  9-12th grade

TITLE:  Budgeting


This unit was created for a class titled, Life After High School, it was created to introduce concepts of personal finance and financial accountability.  This blog includes a Google slide presentation, two worksheets and a pre/post unit test.   The Google slide presentation has active links to YouTube clips and should be checked before showing to make sure the links are still working.

**Note the presentation has 24 slides and took me 2 (90 min block periods) days to cover.

**The worksheets for this unit correspond directly to the slide presentation.


Students will differentiate between discretionary and necessary expenses

Students will recognize money saving strategies

Students will be able to differentiate credit unions from banks

Students will recognize effective strategies for using credit cards

Students will be able to identify strategies for managing debt

Students will recognize the consequences of credit scoring


3.1.4 Analyze the effects of the consumer service industry on local, state, national, and global economies.
11.6.1 Assess financial resources needed to improve interior space.
11.6.2 Assess client’s community, family, and financial resources needed to achieve housing and interior design goals.

Budgeting 101 Slides

Savings Strategies worksheet

Banks vs. Credit Unions Scavenger hunt Worksheet

Budget pretest

Budget Post Test


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