TOPIC:  Food Innovations/Intro to STAR events

AUDIENCE:  Advanced Foods

TITLE:  Food Innovations

UNIT INTRO:  How to incorporate FCCLA programs, in a way that both, strengthens existing curriculum and promotes personal growth and leadership


Students will create, execute and present a innovative food product
Students will use the FCCLA STAR events planning process and Food Innovations rubric as their project guidelines
Students will be prepared to present their projects at STAR events if they so choose


1. Instructional strategies include introducing relevant vocabulary via Entry tasks
2. Showing multiple examples of Innovative food products

3. Showing examples of prior Food Innovations presentations –via YouTube
4. Allowing class time for discussion and brainstorming in efforts to inspire and refine students project ideas
5. Providing rubrics and planning guides to streamline project planning
6. Allowing students to view Food Fortunes – a food network show centered around the concept of innovative food projects, for additional inspiration.
7. Exploring concepts of food preservation and sensory perceptions, as it relates to potential product development.


This unit is an introduction to FCCLA Star Events – Food Innovations. Because this is an advanced foods class students will need to demonstrate their understanding of food science, nutrition and food preparation techniques by creating, executing and presenting an innovative food product. It is suggested that this assignment serve as a significant portion of their grade.  In addition; students will then be eligible to compete at FCCLA STAR events – should they choose to pursue their projects further.

This unit is focused on introducing the assignment and familiarizing students with specific requirements. Time will be spent selecting topics, viewing examples via YouTube and goal setting.


8.1.2 Analyze opportunities for employment and entrepreneurial endeavors.
8.1.3 Summarize education and training requirements and opportunities for career paths in food production and services.
8.1.4 Analyze the effects of food production and services occupations on local, state, national, and global economies.
8.7.1 Analyze the role of quality service as a strategic component of exceptional performance.
8.7.1 Analyze the role of quality service as a strategic component of exceptional performance.
8.7.2 Demonstrate quality services that meet industry standards in the food service industry.

Food Innovations Entry Tasks

FCCLA Food Innovations PDF

FCCLA Planning Process PDF

Food Innovations project examples

FCCLA Food Innovations examples Kasson/Mantorville

FCCLA Food Innovations Wamego


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