First and foremost a big THANK YOU to Sarah Jill Puddy for allowing us to post our survey on her ground-breaking Family and Consumer Science Facebook page.  Sarah Jill’s closed Facebook group has connected FACS Educators from around the nation and currently has over 8,000 members!

Due to the vast number of FACS educators utilizing this group site, we were able to conduct a nation-wide survey with relative speed and ease!  Sarah Jills’ Facebook group allowed us to reach across the nation and survey FACS educators from coast to coast and for this we are so very grateful!   This group was integral to the success of our project and for that we say a very sincere Thank You!!

Additionally, thank you to all of the FACS educators who took the time to respond!  The vast majority of our feedback was received within 24 hours of our initial post, demonstrating how supportive and responsive our FACSE community is!

Why did we conduct this survey?

Our FACSE Forward blog and corresponding FACSE Forward YouTube channel began as a graduate research project – the FACSE resource survey was initially conducted as pilot research in support of our FACSE Forward project.

Thank you to all who contributed!

Jill Clark & Renee Douglass

FACSE Forward Survey results PDF

Link to FACSE Forward YouTube Channel


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