TOPIC: Peanut Butter Cups (Healthy)

AUDIENCE:  9-12th grade – Health, Nutrition, Foods classes


Our recipe is a simple and relatively healthy approach to traditional peanut butter cups. This particular version of peanut butter cups is vegetarian and can easily be made vegan by using agave nectar instead of honey.  In addition, this recipe utilizes coconut oil which is a medium-chain fatty acid and is metabolized by the body more quickly and efficiently than other types of fats.

This recipe can also be used as an example of cooking with natural sugar substitutes due to the use of (honey/agave) as its sole sweetener rather than the use of refined white cane sugar.

This recipe was adapted for a beginning foods, health and/or nutrition class studying the topic of dietary fat.  However it can easily be adapted to fit many categories.  For additional support and related materials regarding how to utilize this recipe in a health or nutrition oriented class, we suggest viewing the links to Fats/Lipids found at the bottom of this blog.

If possible, we suggest pairing this lesson with our recipes/video tutorials focused on dietary fats.  The following tutorials are included in this category:  Coconut milk ice cream in a bag and Potato salad with blue cheese and bacon.



Students will recognize the necessity of dietary fat for optimal metabolic function

Students will recognize issues surrounding trans fats

Students will recognize the health benefits of medium chain triglycerides

Students will differentiate between categories/classifications of fats/lipids

Students will recognize food sources of specific fats


14.2.1 Analyze the effect of nutrients on health, appearance, and peak performance.
14.2.2 Analyze the relationship of nutrition and wellness to individual and family health throughout the life span.
14.2.4 Analyze sources of food and nutrition information, including food labels, related to health and wellness.
14.3.2 Design strategies that meet the health and nutrition requirements of individuals and families with special needs.
14.3.3  Demonstrate ability to select, store, prepare, and serve nutritious and aesthetically pleasing foods.


Peanut Butter Cup Tutorial  

Peanut Butter Cup recipe

Peanut Butter Cup Demo Notes

** Materials related to Fats/Lipids **

Fats/Lipids Slides

Fats/Lipids Worksheet

Lipids Unit Packet/Vocab

Fats/Lipids Unit Test


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