TOPIC: Textile production/Fast Fashion

AUDIENCE:  Textiles

TITLE:  The True Cost – Documentary Worksheet


This lesson is centered around the documentary titled, “The True Cost”.  This documentary can be found on Netflix and YouTube.  This documentary examines the stark reality of textile production in developing countries.  The term “fast fashion” is introduced and ethical considerations surrounding “fast fashion” production are elaborated on.  The environmental impact of textile production is also addressed in terms of pollution and human health.  The True Cost, is both thought provoking and tragic in terms of overall impact.

It is suggested that this documentary serve as an introduction to recycled textiles as both an efficient and ethical alternative to many of the consequences presented in this film.


Students will recognize the term “fast fashion” in terms of textile production

Students will recognize the environmental, social and economic impact of “fast fashion” on developing countries

Students will identify ethical considerations for textile production

Students will identify the global impact of fashion merchandising


16.3.5 Generate design that takes into consideration ecological, environmental, sociological, psychological, technical, and economic trends and issues.
16.4.4 Analyze current technology and trends that facilitate design and production of textile, apparel, and fashion products.
16.5.3 Analyze ethical considerations for merchandising apparel and textile products.

The True Cost Documentary Worksheet


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