TOPIC:  Housing Unit Pre/Post Tests

AUDIENCE:  9-12th grade

TITLE:  Your first place


This unit was created for a class titled, Life After High School, it was designed to introduce concepts of housing, roommate selection, the cost of living, rental laws and renting vs home owning.  The following links are for Pre and Post tests for the aforementioned housing unit.  Additional material related to the topic of housing is also linked.


Students will be able to differentiate factors that contribute to an area’s cost of living.

Students will recognize the different regions throughout the United States with high and low cost of living.

Students will identify multiple considerations related to cost of living when choosing an area to live.

Students will identify considerations before selecting a roommate

Students will identify the responsibilities of both tenants and landlords

Students will recognize rental laws pertaining to their area



11.6.1 Assess financial resources needed to improve interior space.
11.6.2 Assess client’s community, family, and financial resources needed to achieve housing and interior design goals.

**Note** Please review all material to make sure links provided are still active

(applies to slides and worksheets)

Housing Unit Pre Test

Housing Unit Post Test

Additional Material Related to the topic of Housing

Cost of Living Slides

Landlord/Tenant Slides

Renting vs. Buying Slides

Roommate Selection Slides

Roommate Selection Worksheet

House Hunters Worksheet



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