Results of our Facebook survey

THANK YOU!! First and foremost a big THANK YOU to Sarah Jill Puddy for allowing us to post our survey on her ground-breaking Family and Consumer Science Facebook page.  Sarah Jill’s closed Facebook group has connected FACS Educators from around the nation and currently has over 8,000 members! Due to the vast number of FACS … Continue reading Results of our Facebook survey


Public service student loan debt forgiveness…

We all know student loans aren't what they used to be. The interest rates are higher than they were a decade ago and tuition has increased exponentially, leading to an epidemic of student loan debt the likes of which our nation has never seen before.  With this being the case, teachers, social workers and pubic … Continue reading Public service student loan debt forgiveness…

Farm to School Resources

Farm to school The farm-to-school lunch movement has quickly been gaining momentum in the last few years and with good reason!  These types of programs offer wonderful benefits to students in terms of nutrition and food literacy.  In addition, farm-to-school programs help support local agriculture and promote local economies.   Dreamy as these programs sound, … Continue reading Farm to School Resources