Bacon Potato Salad

TOPIC: Bacon Potato Salad AUDIENCE:  9-12th grade - Culinary, Health, Nutrition, Foods classes UNIT INTRO:   Bacon Potato salad contains both saturated and unsaturated sources of fats - this recipe provides and opportunity to address the concept of Satiation and the importance of portion size when consuming food containing saturated fats. This recipe was adapted … Continue reading Bacon Potato Salad


Hollandaise Sauce/Roasted Asparagus

TOPIC:  Hollandaise Sauce/Roasted Asparagus  AUDIENCE:  9-12th grade UNIT INTRO: Here we offer you a lesson on hollandaise sauce and roasted asparagus this lesson is part of a larger unit on eggs, that includes tutorials on angel food and perfectly chocolate pudding.  We specifically choose to pair these 3 recipes together in efforts to make our … Continue reading Hollandaise Sauce/Roasted Asparagus

Food Innovations Inspired Unit

TOPIC:  Food Innovations/Intro to STAR events AUDIENCE:  Advanced Foods TITLE:  Food Innovations UNIT INTRO:  How to incorporate FCCLA programs, in a way that both, strengthens existing curriculum and promotes personal growth and leadership STUDENT OUTCOMES Students will create, execute and present a innovative food product Students will use the FCCLA STAR events planning process and … Continue reading Food Innovations Inspired Unit