The True Cost – Documentary Worksheet

TOPIC: Textile production/Fast Fashion AUDIENCE:  Textiles TITLE:  The True Cost - Documentary Worksheet LESSON INTRO This lesson is centered around the documentary titled, "The True Cost".  This documentary can be found on Netflix and YouTube.  This documentary examines the stark reality of textile production in developing countries.  The term "fast fashion" is introduced and ethical … Continue reading The True Cost – Documentary Worksheet


Recycle/Redesign Inspisred Unit

TOPIC: Recycled Textiles/FCCLA Recycle Redesign AUDIENCE:  Textiles TITLE:  Introduction to recycled textiles UNIT INTRO This unit is an introduction to FCCLA Star Events – Recycle and Redesign.  Upon completion, students will be eligible to compete at FCCLA STAR events  - should they choose to pursue their projects further. This unit is focused on introducing the … Continue reading Recycle/Redesign Inspisred Unit