The True Cost – Documentary Worksheet

TOPIC: Textile production/Fast Fashion AUDIENCE:  Textiles TITLE:  The True Cost - Documentary Worksheet LESSON INTRO This lesson is centered around the documentary titled, "The True Cost".  This documentary can be found on Netflix and YouTube.  This documentary examines the stark reality of textile production in developing countries.  The term "fast fashion" is introduced and ethical … Continue reading The True Cost – Documentary Worksheet


Bacon Potato Salad

TOPIC: Bacon Potato Salad AUDIENCE:  9-12th grade - Culinary, Health, Nutrition, Foods classes UNIT INTRO:   Bacon Potato salad contains both saturated and unsaturated sources of fats - this recipe provides and opportunity to address the concept of Satiation and the importance of portion size when consuming food containing saturated fats. This recipe was adapted … Continue reading Bacon Potato Salad

Hollandaise Sauce/Roasted Asparagus

TOPIC:  Hollandaise Sauce/Roasted Asparagus  AUDIENCE:  9-12th grade UNIT INTRO: Here we offer you a lesson on hollandaise sauce and roasted asparagus this lesson is part of a larger unit on eggs, that includes tutorials on angel food and perfectly chocolate pudding.  We specifically choose to pair these 3 recipes together in efforts to make our … Continue reading Hollandaise Sauce/Roasted Asparagus